About Karat Photography 

” I always feel lucky because I discover the thing that I love and I’m inspired to do. It’s been almost 10 years since I first started my career as a photographer.
I have fun with my job and feel lucky every time I step out to take pictures. It’s an adventure, new experience and a new perspective to people and the world appears right in front of me, every time!

Wedding photography is one of my most favorite because the atmostphere is full of love, joy, and fun. Happy faces and laughters are all over the place. It’s a great moment and a challenge for a photographer to capture that particular moment, that particular smile and that particular happiness and put them into a series of photos for the couple to feel all those happy moments again when they look back into their wedding album.

It is a great honor for me to earn that trust from the couple to capture the happiest moment of their lives. For this reason, my team and I carefully focus on each and every job we take to make sure that our clients feel the vibes and experience their happiest moment again and again whenever they take a look at the photos.

Someone once said “beautiful pictures are the product of ideas, light and photography techniques”. I may not be the best photographer and the pictures I take may not be the best, but I do strongly believe that the pictures that engrave in our memory can make you relive that moment again every time you see them. The moment, the feeling, the surrounding, the emotion and the vibe.

And that is the kind of pictures we determine to take to capture all those on your special day, so you can just feel that moment once again.”